For an E-Commerce business owner, malware can mean both a loss in profit and credibility. Malware is a growing concern. Of course, the Magento is a very stable and secure platform, but still, it is capable of hacked and infected for Magento sites to by malware. We are ready for help you to secure your site and remove malware now and in future.

  1. Ordinary types of Malware
    • Defacing

    Using this kind of Magento malware, the hacker tries to show off they are enough talented to hack a site. So they are homepage defaced, delete files, but often does not go much deeper.

    • Phishing / Infect to the server

    Phishing is a type of Magento malware in that the hacker typically doesn’t do anything visible on your Magento site but instead, with this kind of Magento malware, secretly creates a folder somewhere on your site server. The hacker may use is to have an email that is sent out to people for asking them to log into their Facebook, PayPal or Banking Website – and when they do log in, it steals their username and passwords, and then this information sends out on the different server.

    • Steal of valuable data

    Magento website hackers are always do something innovating, and recently some types of Magento malware files which have been modified to get customer information and credit card details. In these details can include CVV2 codes, expiration dates and more. These files allow someone to download file for later use.

    • Ransomware

    Ransomware uses the harmful software or code to encrypt a website’s files. This Malware is blocked the website owner from their own site until the money is paid to the hacker. After obtains the ransom, the hacker unlocked site files or the hacker gives the “key” to the site owner.

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