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Grapics Design

We have expert graphics designer who will convert you requirement or idea to a graphics design or web design using photoshope, coreldraw etc. The expert will use them imagination power to provide you best solutions related to your requirements and demands. They have best knowledge of graphics, color palates as well font face so, they can provide you amazing design.

Our expert graphic designers design websites that best demonstrates the message a company wants the public to see. By identifying an client’s wishes, a Web graphic designer sketches and then implements a website layout that is visually appeasing.

What should designer know for best?

Web graphic designers should have the knowledge about the color palate,structure layout, font color, font face, logos, images and other visual and verbal aspects of a website.

A Web graphic designer should know what the clients wants out of the product. This cover what client want to show them client and what audience is being targeted. Web graphics designer then create design possible layouts for the website, before developing the finished product.

Web graphics designers must have good ability to express the idea in creative way. They must have updated knowledge about the latest trends about the designs.

A Web graphic designer has to understand a target audience and how best to reach that audience through artistic work.

We are designing templates for themeforest.

We have expert designers who have best experience with the themeforest also. We are designing templates for themeforest also. We are following all the rules of themeforest and guaranty to  approve template in themeforest.

We are also creating documentation as well product description. There is some web design rules declared by the themeforest we are following that all the rules. The rules defined by themeforest for psd template are as following.

Technical Requirements
  1. General 
    • Must be in Adobe Photoshop format (PSD)
    • Must be compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer
    • Minimum page size is 800 pixels by 600 pixels at 72PPI for small designs (vCards)
    • Minimum page size is 1024 pixels by 768 pixels at 72PPI for other designs
    • Must be in RGB color mode
    • All text must be editable
    • All basic shapes must be editable
    • Must include layout guidelines
  2. Layers and Groups
    • All groups and layers must be clearly and logically labelled (related elements should be grouped, such as buttons, links, etc)
    • All layers should be unlocked
    • Color adjustments must use an adjustment layer (rasterized layers are not acceptable)
Documentation Requirements
  • File structure must be outlined
  • Groups & layers must be documented, preferably with screenshots and descriptions
  • Credits & resource URL(s) should be included
Item Description Requirements
  • List the number of pages included
  • Describe what the template is designed for
  • List credits and required resources. This includes the fonts, patterns and shapes used in the template.